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Many psychiatric disorders share common genetic structure according to new study

It is defined as the largest study ever conducted of its kind that appeared in the journal Cell through which a team of researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium announced that many psychiatric disorders, disorders that can affect more than 25% of the population, are derived from common genes. In fact, researchers have […]

Pseudofossils of extraterrestrial microbes can confuse the search for alien life

One of the methods most used by scientists to search for extraterrestrial life is to study the remains of meteorites that impact the Earth. These remains may contain fossils of microbial life. However, as an interesting article in The Conversation notes, these fossils can all too easily fool scientists themselves. The author of the article, Alexander Brasier, professor […]

Crohn’s disease, scientists discover that blocking protein reduces inflammation in mice

A team of researchers has made an important discovery about Crohn’s disease. Researchers at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine found that by blocking interleukin-1α (IL1α), a protein that regulates inflammation levels in the intestine, it is possible to reduce the severity of inflammation in mice with Crohn’s disease. The study was published in Proceedings of the […]