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Kingsman 3 wants Dwayne Johnson as it’s main villain

Kingsman: The Golden Circle has opened to rave reviews and dethroned It at the top of the global box office – now it appears Matthew Vaughn is looking to take the franchise to even greater heights.

Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson is being touted as the main villain for Kingsman 3, a move that would see the actor portray his first villainous character in his already illustrious career.

As always, this is pure speculation at this early stage – however considering Taron Egerton and Colin Firth have become the most exciting action duo in Hollywood at the moment, it seems only right that they go up against one of the world’s most talented action stars.

**CAUTION – Spoilers Ahead**

Kingsman: The Golden Circle has already shaken up franchise with the deaths of several key characters, the introduction of the Statesman and the resurrection of our main man Colin Firth.

With Channing Tatum all but set to join the Kingsman, thanks to a little hint at the end of Kingsman: The Golden Circle that saw Taquila dressed suited and booted, Dwayne Johnson could easily be encouraged to join the franchise as the next big bad.

Expect to see Kingsman 3 hit cinema screens sometime in late 2019 or early 2020.

Watch the trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle below:



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