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Audiences avoid the cinema as summer box office hits 11-year low

Could Hollywood's unrelenting obsession with sequels be partly to blame?

It’s not been a great summer for Hollywood’s biggest studios, or cinemas for that matter. Following some disappointing flops including Transformers: The Last Knight and The Mummy reboot, 2017 has seen the worst summer box office since 2006.

Audiences clearly haven’t been feeling what Hollywood’s producing, and considering some of the movies that have been unleashed on the unsuspecting public, you can’t blame them.

Hollywood has developed a negative culture of throwing money at films that shouldn’t technically receive a green light in the first place – you could almost accuse studios of becoming lazy.

Prime example is the shambles that was The Emoji Movie – how on earth can an animated movie like that be allowed into being? The film was so bad it’s now widely regarded as one of the 10 worst films ever made.

Another reason for the disappointing summer could be down to Hollywood’s obsessive need to release sequels and reboot franchises, regardless of how many have come before it. It’s almost like the studio bigwigs think that the more money you chuck at something, the more it will bring back.

Originality has gone out the window and so has cinema audiences. The Mummy reboot is a perfect example of rebooting a franchise without any originality. Despite being part of a much larger shared universe, Universal thought that a mediocre script and Tom Cruise in the leading role would magically turn The Mummy into a money machine.

I know that Netflix and Amazon are slowly changing the way we view movies, but when it comes to big-budget blockbusters, most of us will always opt for the big screen experience.

So what next? Well perhaps it’s time for a revolution in Hollywood where studios start to nurture original stories rather than opting to reboot everything they can get their hands on.



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