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The Conjuring franchise could meet an unexpected demise

Warner Bros is facing $900 million lawsuit for 'copyright infringement'

One of Warner Bros most exciting and commercially successful franchises could be coming to an abrupt end as the studio giant fights a colossal $900 million lawsuit.

Following the critical and commercial success of The Conjuring and its subsequent sequel, as well as it’s spin off Annabelle, Warner Bros went into overdrive to capitalise of the franchise’s growing popularity by green lighting a host of spin-offs.

However with a ‘copyright infringement’ now filed with the Supreme Court in the US, the future of the franchise, including next year’s spin off The Nun, could be in jeopardy.

Gerald Brittle, who published the book The Demonologist back in 1980 after acquiring the rights from Ed and Lorraine Warren, claims Warner Bros infringed on the his copyright agreement that prohibited the real life couple from selling movie rights to their career without his consent.

Warner Bros had originally asked for the case to be dropped but it appears a Federal judge has rejected these appeals and upheld Brittle’s lawsuit.

Considering the nature of the claim (the fact that Brittle cannot technically hold the rights to someone’s life), as well as the ridiculous claim of $900 million in damages, it’s probably safe to assume that Warner Bros will find a way to safeguard the future of it’s exciting horror franchise.

As with most of these lawsuits, it will likely be settled out of court.



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