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Will Netflix keep hold of Marvel and LucasFilm?

The steaming giant enters talks with Disney secure rights to it's biggest films

Seems cornering the movie market isn’t enough as Disney recently announced that it’s decided to go solo and start up it’s only streaming service – a move that could see Netflix lose a massive chunk of it’s market share.

The Hollywood studio now owns some of the biggest film franchises in history, including the multi-billon dollar Marvel Cinematic Universe and of course the historic Star Wars, which it acquired from George Lucas several years ago.

However it appears Disney now has it’s sights set on another profitable industry… streaming.

Despite only recently partnering with Netflix, offering the streaming service exclusive rights to it’s Marvel film franchise, Disney now wants to terminate the partnership and launch a rival service.

It’s certainly a shrewd business decision on Disney’s part, because when you own the likes of Star Wars and Marvel, let’s be honest, people will sign up just be able to watch these franchises whenever they want. However it’s still irritating for us Netflix subscribers who will now have to sign up to yet another streaming service and shell out even more money every month.

Netflix has already entered negotiations with Disney to secure the rights past 2019, when it’s original deal expires, but with Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger exploring the possibility of keeping the studios film rights exclusive to itself, we could see another major shift in the market within the next couple of years.

Having another market competitor isn’t entirely bad news for Netflix and Amazon though, with both streaming services now spending big bucks on exclusive original content.



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