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Sony Pictures sink to new low with Emoji Movie

The $50m animated movie has scored 1.4/10 on IMDb

Just when you thought Hollywood couldn’t sink any lower with mindless movie releases, Sony Pictures takes it to a whole new low.

The Emoji Movie may boast a cast including Patrick Stewart, Anna Faris and James Corden, but that hasn’t stopped the animated movie becoming one of the most embarrassing cinematic creations since 2008’s Disaster Movie.

Even on paper this movie sounds like an absolute shambles and guaranteed flop, so in what distorted reality did Sony Pictures think this was a sensible idea?

We know it’s the summer holiday’s and animated movies usually signal a big payday for movie studios looking to cash in on the desperate parents looking to entertain their kids. But what studios like Sony don’t realise is that even if this movie manages to breakeven, the critical fallout from such a terrible and half-assed movie could have a long lasting effect on the studios credibility with audiences.

The Emoji Movie opened in the US last week, and was instantly panned by audiences and critics – something that could have a disastrous effect on it’s international performance when it opens in UK and European cinemas this week.

Sadly it appears studios are putting so much pressure on themselves to keep up with their rivals that they’ll sacrifice their reputation in order to ensure they are releasing something in cinemas on a regular basis, even if it’s absolute garbage.



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