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Has Deathstroke been replaced as the main villain in The Batman?

Joe Manganiello keeps quiet on rumours he's left the project

What is going on with The Batman? There’s been so many changes to the project since it was first announced that no-one has a clue what’s going on anymore.

Since Matt Reeves took over writer and director duties from Ben Affleck, he’s completely overhauled the movie from top to bottom, throwing out Batfleck’s original screenplay and opting for a more artistic feel that pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock.

Now we can rest assured that Affleck is still committed to returning as the Dark Knight for The Batman, having eased fans concerns at this year’s San Diego Comic Con after a series of rumours starting circulating that the Oscar-winner was being replaced as Batman.

However it now appears that Joe Manganiello’s involvement in the project as notorious mercenary Deathstroke could be over, with Reeves perhaps opting for another character.

Speaking recently with The Hollywood Reporter, Joe gave little away when asked about his involvement in The Batman, and even hinted that Warner Bros and DC may no longer wish to include Deathstroke.

If it’s true it would be a major disappointment considering how great it would for fans to see Batman and Deathstroke to head to head, but it may not signal the end for the True Blood star. In fact, with Suicide Squad 2 heading into production earlier than expected, Manganiello’s Deathstroke could still play a part in the wider DC Extended Univers.

Watch this space.



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