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Is Hollywood going too far by resurrecting actors using CGI?

It’s a delicate subject for most of us, and one that is coming up more and more – but is Hollywood crossing a moral line by resurrecting beloved actors with the use of advanced CGI?

Disney became one of the first to use the technology for it’s recent cinematic release Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, when the studio opted to resurrect Peter Cushing using state of the art CGI to frightening affect.

Despite being granted permission by the late actor’s family, some fans have openly objected to this growing practice in Hollywood – something that put a quick halt to Disney’s plans to resurrect beloved actress Carrie Fisher, who sadly passed away late last year after completing work on Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Now however it appears other studios and filmmakers are keen to resurrect the dead in order to progress franchises – the most recent of which is Ghostbusters visionary Ivan Reitman who fielded questions on the technology at last weekend’s San Diego Comic Con.

Speaking at the Ghostbusters 101 panel, an audience member asked the veteran filmmaker whether he had considered using the same controversial technology as Disney to bring back Harold Ramis for the recently announced Ghostbusters project – to which he replied yes.

After the sad passing of Ramis, one of the franchises original co-creators, Ivan Reitman and Bill Murray all but lost interest in any more sequels, however with the recent advancements in technology, it appears Reitman may have changed his mind. Although Bill Murray remains strong on his stance of not making any more Ghostbusters films, with exception of his brief cameo in last year’s all-female reboot.

So where to do you stand on the technology? Is it crossing a moral line? Or could it open up the industry to possibilities beyond the grave?

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