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Are Warner Bros set to announce Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Batman for their Flashpoint movie?

Most DC fans will be aware that The Flash movie that was announced last year has had a rough start with a series of creative differences that have seen directors leave the project.

Well it now seems Warner Bros has a concrete direction for the superhero movie and if hints are to be believed, it could prove to be the most exciting story yet in the DC Extended Universe.

During the packed panel yesterday at San Diego Comic Con, Warner Bros confirmed that The Flash movie will be called Flashpoint, which focuses on a specific story from the timeless comics. And if that didn’t cause enough excitement, Walking Dead and Watchman star Jeffrey Dean Morgan sent out a cryptic tweet during his appearance at The Walking Dead panel that could hint towards his involvement in the storyline… in a big way.

Morgan and his Walking Dead co-star Lauren Cohen play Thomas and Martha Wayne in the DCEU blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it looks like that might not be the end of their involvement as the Wayne’s.

The fascinating Flashpoint storyline sees Barry Allen travel back in time to save his mother, but whilst he succeeds, the superhero returns to a time where Bruce Wayne has been murdered, and his father Thomas has instead become the Dark Knight. This could of course see Jeffery Dean Morgan become Batman for the Flashpoint movie, something the actor is open to exploring.

Perhaps this explains the recent rumours that Warner Bros were lining up a replacement for Ben Affleck. However with the Oscar-winner confirming his future as Batman, it looks like this alternate timeline could be a brilliant direction for the movie studio.



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