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SDCC 2017: Are WB planning to kill off Ben Affleck’s Batman?

Ben Affleck really hasn’t had the easiest of times in his tenure as the Dark Knight, and if recent reports are to be believed, its looks like Warner Bros are already planning life without the actor.

Despite a substantial number of fans and critics (myself included) regarding Affleck as the most authentic Batman to ever grace the big screen, he’s been hugely let down by WB and the wider DC Extended Universe.

Many regard Affleck as the only positive to come out of the critical and commercial flop that was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – a film that’s had unfortunate and unavoidable repercussions for the actor and his potential legacy as the Caped Crusader.

Recent reports from San Diego Comic Con suggest that Warner Bros are planning to call time of Ben Affleck’s Batman, and instead replace him for an upcoming trilogy that will be directed by Matt Reeves.

The Cloverfield director recently took over the helm of WB’s upcoming Batman reboot from Ben Affleck, who had originally been signed on to write, direct and star in The Batman. However when the commitment to so many areas of the project proved to be too much, it was thought that Affleck would instead focus on just starring in the reboot.

The Hollywood Reporter has suggested that Ben Affleck’s age (45) might be a major contributing factor to this sudden decision to opt for a new leading man for the upcoming trilogy. To be honest though this would be a poor excuse considering Affleck’s age, along with his authentic physical presence, has been a major reason behind his popularity with fans.

So how could WB handle this change? Well they could either transition Affleck away from the character by killing him off completely or retiring him and replacing Bruce Wayne with a character like Nightwing or Azrael, who comic book fans will already know eventually take up the role of Batman.

I for one hope they come to their senses and remain loyal to Ben Affleck, but if not, at least we get to see him once more in this years Justice League.



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