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Has Joss Whedon already cast his Batgirl?

Just in case you haven’t heard the news recently, Avengers: Assemble visionary Joss Whedon has switched allegiances to DC Comics in order to write and direct its upcoming Batgirl blockbuster.

The news only broke a couple of days ago when an official listing appeared on IMDb, but it appears Whedon may have already chosen his Batgirl in form of The 100 star Lindsey Morgan.

Concrete news regarding the project has been pretty scarce, but multiple sources have claimed that Whedon is not interested in casting a well known a-lister for the role, and instead would rather focus on raw talent.

It’s a bold move considering star-power can more often than not guarantee great performance at the box office – however Gal Gadot, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland have already proven that being a relatively unknown talent can the a positive thing for a role.

Warner Bros has yet to confirm any casting news but it appears a list of potential actresses has already been leaked, with Emma Roberts, Elle Fanning and Olivia Cooke all being named on the list.

The 100 star Lindsey Morgan is the current front runner for the role of Batgirl

With Warner Bros focusing all its attention on its DC Cinematic Universe, we could see Batgirl make a guest appearance ahead of her full debut, perhaps even in Ben Affleck’s upcoming solo movie The Batman.

Stay tuned for more of Batgirl.



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