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The Future of DC’s Cinematic Universe Hangs on the Success of Justice League

DC has a hit with it’s recent worldwide release of Wonder Woman, but that’s not relieved any pressure sitting on the shoulders of its upcoming Justice League blockbuster.

The entire foreseeable future of DC’s Cinematic Universe will depend on the success of Justice League when it hits cinemas later this year.

Since launching it’s direct competition to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, DC has seen a damaging flow of box office flops that have received less than favourable reviews by critics and fans alike. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the first in a much larger series of intertwining releases, though DC is probably wishing it never bothered making the colossal blockbuster after it fell short of all predictions and ended up being critically panned.

Suicide Squad, which faired slightly better, still failed to ignite any flames and again fell flat due to several key factors including the decision to cut Jared Leto’s Joker out of most of the movie.

But there is some light at the end of the tunnel after Wonder Woman, the latest release in their global franchise, earned an incredible $200 million opening weekend and generated incredibly positive reviews for it’s origins story.

However all could still be lost, and the DC Cinematic Universe could find itself shelved if Justice League fails to capture audiences wallets and praise. Shall really considering a host of movies such as The Flash, Aquaman, Man of Steel 2 and The Batman are all in various stages of development.

Here’s hoping Justice League delivers when it hits cinemas on November 16.



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