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J.J. Abrams Has Been Secretly Building A ‘Cloverfield’ Franchise

Over the past 5 years it appears visionary filmmaker J.J. Abrams has been secretly creating a franchise to his 2008 box office hit, Cloverfield – the first-person sci-fi horror that saw New York attacked by aliens.

You’ve got to respect the ‘sneakiness’ of Hollywood’s most in-demand creator, who’s clearly prepared to deceive us in order to keep his projects away from prying eyes. You can’t blame the guy considering the world we now live in, whereby news can be made common knowledge in a manner of seconds, ruining any surprise that filmmakers have in store for us.

The Wrap has somehow managed to blow the lid on Paramount’s plan to release a new Cloverfield film every year, essentially forming a shared universe that would bring endless possibilities with it. Starting with this year’s massive hit 10 Cloverfield Lane, which opening to huge box office and critical acclaim, next year will see another installment, entitled ‘God Particle’.

Much of the movie remains unclear, with the film’s star Chris O’Dowd recently admitting in an interview that he cannot give too much away – however according to IMDb, the film will follow a team of astronauts as they fight for survival aboard a space station after making a shocking discovery.

We can expect the first trailer for God Particle to drop any week now, with the film due for release on 1 December 2017.



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