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Has Wonder Woman knocked DC’s struggling Cinematic Universe further off track?

DC released it’s highly anticipated Wonder Woman blockbuster this weekend – but despite the fairly solid reviews for the superhero flick, has DC once again struggled to get it’s floundering Cinematic Universe back on track after a disappointing first couple of years?

The answer… quite possibly.

The movie, starring Gal Gadot as the world’s most famous female superhero, hit cinemas here in the UK yesterday and we were fortunate enough to book in and see it. I must admit, the film surprised me and I’m still working out whether or not I would class it as a success.

On the one hand, the movie hit all the right notes as a mythical origins story, leaving me with a greater understanding of the superhero I watched in Batman v Superman. But on the other hand, I really did seem a little messy, as previously reported last year when an ex-Executive of Warner Bros. Studios leaked insider knowledge on the blockbuster release, claiming the film was “a mess”.

Now having seen Wonder Woman, I can’t help but slightly agree with the woman’s statement. Some fight scenes were just a little too much. And that’s saying something considering the finale scenes we were left with in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

So where does DC stand with it’s Cinematic Universe?

Well for starters, any hopes of catching Marvel have pretty much gone out the window – they’ve got the market well and truly cornered when it comes to the battle for the box office. Their characters are well and truly cemented in my life which probably explains why I’m always so overly excited for every single MCU release.

But with the release of Justice League scheduled for this year, and the fact that Ben Affleck is becoming my favourite Batman, there’s a least one last shot for Warner Bros. to get the DC Cinematic Universe back pointing in the right direction.



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