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First look at Colin Firth’s Return in Kingsman 2

He’s back!

The man, the myth, the legend that is Colin Firth is making his return from the dead in the first official trailer for Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle…but just how is it possible?

Most will remember Firth transition from Oscar-winning actor to badass action star Harry Hart in 2014’s unexpected hit, Kingsman – but when his character bit the bullet in first film, many wondered how the franchise could possible materialise without it’s most popular character.

Well it appears Matthew Vaughn, the genius behind the spy franchise, has figured out a way to bring Firth back into the story from beyond the grave – but now we’re left wondering how he survived a bullet to the head.

Colin Firth in Kingsman 2
Colin Firth returns as Harry Hart in Kingsman 2

Some of the fan theories prove that no-one has a clue as to the nature behind Firth’s return, meaning it could be any number of reasons including flashbacks, evil twin theory, resurrection or just the fact that he’s Harry ‘bloody’ Hart and not even a bullet to the temple can stop this gentleman spy.

Whatever the outcome it’s certainly not going to disappoint as Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle looks to dominate the box office when it’s released on September 29.



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