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Power Rangers Success Gives Hope To Hollywood Remakes

Hollywood has almost become synonymous with rubbish remakes – the noticeable lack of originally funded ideas is forcing La-la Land to produce unnecessary remakes in order to keep up with the public demand for big-budget blockbusters.

To say the box office is inundated with poor remakes would be a severe understatement, but despite all rubbish marketed to us on a monthly basis, some remakes are picking up the slack and delivering entertainment on an unexpected level.

Take the recently released Power Rangers remake as a prime example – with a monstrous budget of over $100 million and a marketing budget that at least doubles that, this remake had a lot on the line, and a hell of a lot to prove.

Based on the popular original 90’s TV series, Power Rangers could have easily become one of the biggest flops of the year had it fallen victim to the same rushed method of storytelling as so many other remakes before it.

Alas, thankfully that turned out not to be the case – something I’m personally glad of considering I was a mega-fan as a young kid.

One key element that’s affected so many failed remakes is the choice of writer – often than not blockbusters are mass produced is such volumes that it often leaves little time for a decent story to be constructed.

John Gatins, the man behind Coach Carter, Flight and Real Steel, brought the perfect amount of action, story and nostalgia to the script that gave childhood fans like myself a blast from the past, whilst also introducing a new generation of the classic series. And by classic I mean the originals… not the rubbish they’ve been producing since the 90’s series ended.

Power Rangers box office and critical success will give even more fuel to the Hollywood remake machine, so there’s no chance of that calming down any time soon, but let’s hope that the film becomes a benchmark for future remakes – hopefully saving us from future crap like Monster Trucks and Battleship.

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