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Spider-Man: Homecoming Teases More Footage

Since Marvel took over creative control of the Spider-Man movie franchise from Sony Pictures, the latest upcoming instalment definitely looks set to re-capture the hearts of movie-goers everywhere .

Yesterday saw the release of a second extended trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, an origin story that sees British star Tom Holland take over web-slinging duties with the help of Marvel Godfather Robert Downey Jr and his iconic Iron Man.

But although the action-packed trailer delivered on adrenaline fuelled excitement, one question has been lingering on the lips of all Marvel fans the world over… ‘are we being shown too much’?

It’s a valid question considering the trailer lasts for over two and half minutes, but on the other hand I think it’s safe to assume by now that Marvel knows what’s it’s doing, especially on the big screen.

One reason for teasing many of the films biggest scenes is to reassure fans that this franchise relaunch will go the distance with it’s stellar cast and younger take on the New York superhero.

Spider-Man has not shied away from the big screen over the last 15 years, but it’s certainly not faired too well either. Despite producing two franchises, Sony Pictures has failed to hit the mark with audiences and critics, often seeing their plans left in ruins, most recently with Andrew Garfield’s web-slinger who met an early end, despite fairing relatively well at the box office.

Perhaps Spider-Man’s introduction to Marvel’s colossal ‘Avengers’ universe in Captain America: Civil War could help give this latest franchise the foundations that see it go the distance. Certainly seems like Tom Holland is more than capable of breathing new life into this popular superhero… I mean the guy even does his own stunts.

Check out the trailer for yourself and let us know your thoughts. Spider-Man: Homecoming hits cinemas everywhere from July 7.



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