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‘Soldado’ Confirmed As Second Installment In ‘Sicario’ Trilogy

Following on from 2015’s stand-out thriller Sicario, Soldado will officially be the second installment in a recently confirmed trilogy focusing on the very real drug ‘war on drugs’ taking place between the US and Mexico border.

Taylor Sheridan will pen a follow up to his original screenplay that will this time focus on Josh Brolin’s mysterious CIA agent Matt Graver, one of the stand out characters in Sicario.

Unfortunately for fans of the original Oscar-nominated thriller, Emily Blunt will not be returning to her lead character for reasons so far known – though it’s likely purposeful on the studio’s part as they look to focus the story on the characters portrayed by Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro.

Despite losing Emily Blunt and original director Denis Villeneuve, double Oscar-nominee Catherine Keener has officially signed on for the sequel and will likely play the the part of a CIA director.

Soldado is most likely follow on directly from the explosive events in Sicario and if production moves along nicely with Stefano Sollima in the directors seat, the action sequel will likely drop sometime in early 2018.

For those of you reading this that haven’t yet seen Sicario, please do – it’s a gritty masterpiece that deserves the critical acclaim it received last year and will definitely be one you’ll watch again and again.



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