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Teresa Palmer Has Her Sights Set On Specific Role In ‘The Batman’ Reboot

It appears everyone wants to be apart of Ben Affleck’s Batman reboot, with Teresa Palmer the latest Hollywood star to set sights on a specific role in The Batman.

The Aussie actress, known for Warm Bodies and Hacksaw Ridge, has her sights firmly set on the character of Talia al Ghul, the daughter of DC supervillain Ra’s al Ghul – many will know him as the head-honcho over at the League of Assassins.

Now it may seem like a random choice of character, especially considering Ben Affleck might not even include the assassin princess in his script, but there is some history to Teresa Palmer’s character choice.

Back in 2007, Teresa Palmer was touted to play the character in George Miller’s disbanded Justice League blockbuster – originally set to star Armie Hammer as Batman, the project quickly fell apart due to several budget and script issues, but it seems Palmer still has her heart set of the character.

Ben Affleck has often hinted that The Batman, a continuation from the events that will take place in next year’s Justice League, will feature an abundance of DC Universe villains, including the already confirmed Deathstroke (played by Joe Manganiello).

So there may still be a chance yet for the talented young actress, especially if Anna Kendrick joins the promising franchise as an evil Robin.



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