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Uncharted Movie Adaptation Secures Director Shawn Levy

Uncharted, the popular video game franchise, has had a rough time in it’s quest to become a blockbuster movie, but now it appears the adaptation is back on course after securing the services of director Shawn Levy to helm the action-adventure.

Levy, known in Hollywood for his family franchises such as Night At The Museum, Stranger Things and Cheaper By The Dozen, will embark on a new genre avenue with Uncharted, which follows the adventures of fortune hunter Nathan Drake as he seeks out the lost city of El Dorado (City of Gold).

Columbia Pictures have had a difficult time recently with many directors including David O. Russell and Seth Gordon who’ve all departed the project due to various reasons – now however they’ve managed to secure the services of Shawn Levy who, unlike those before him, will have a completed script to work off of.

It’s an exciting project for the seasoned filmmaker who’ll be working with a generous production budget and an abundance of high profile leading men who are vying for the lead role of Drake, including Scott Eastwood, Bradley Cooper, Nathan Fillion and Jensen Ackles to name just a few.

The popular video game franchise has been referred to as a cross between Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider and could potentially offer cinema audiences another hit franchise – though it won’t be an easy sell for Shawn Levy and Columbia Pictures considering the disappointing track record of video game adaptations at the worldwide box office.

We can likely expect Uncharted to hit cinemas sometime in 2018.



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