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National Treasure 3 Still In Development, Held Up Due To ‘Fact Checking’

For those of you wondering if National Treasure 3 will ever be released, there’s good news… it’s stuck in pre-production but Disney are still planning on releasing it sometime in the near future.

Speaking ahead of the release of his latest movie The Trust, Nicholas Cage, who leads the franchise as renowned treasure hunter Ben Gates, told Entertainment Weekly that the National Treasure 3‘s script is still pending due to fact checking.

“…I do know that those scripts are very difficult to write, because there has to be some credibility in terms of the facts and fact checking, because it was relying on historical events. And then you have to make it entertaining. I know that it’s been a challenge to get the script where it needs to be. That’s as much as I’ve heard. But they’re still working on it.”

A completely understandable excuse considering the volume of historical narrative in the franchise’s films, not to mention Ben Gates is somewhat of a know it all, so studio execs wouldn’t their leading man blurting out a bunch of lies in the third installment.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which made over $500 million at the box office almost 10 years ago, teased a third installment that could be the most ambitious yet – so considering the script has taken this long, they’re going to have to make sure it lives up to the hype. Especially considering the downward spiral Nicolas Cage‘s career has been in since the last film’s release.

The Oscar-winner could badly do with box office hit before his career sinks below the waves like his latest film USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage.



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