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A Look Ahead To New York Comic Con 2016

Leading on from a highly successful Comic Con International, New York has official opened it’s doors to Comic Con for four spectacular days that will see a host of movie and TV royalty descend on the popular event, including the cast of next year’s big budget Power Rangers movie.

Due to take to the stage on Saturday at 2pm (EST), the relatively unknown cast will take to the packed out stage to present what is sure to be the first exclusive trailer for next year’s major box office release.

Among the youngster’s will be Hollywood alumni Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston and Will Arnett who will likely make an appearance at the event to promote what could quickly become a lucrative new box office franchise.

The weekend event will also play host to several other Hollywood franchises including the eagerly anticipated sequel to John Wick, starring Keanu Reeves, Ian McShane and Laurence Fishburne. The original 2014 release scored high with audiences and critics, leading Lionsgate to green light a sequel almost instantly… and yes, you can rest assured that Wick’s dog is alive and well in this installment.

It’s not just movies in generous supply at NYCC, with a whole array of primetime TV shows making appearances, eager to show of exclusive content for their upcoming seasons, including The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

The cast of AMC's The Walking Dead will be in attendance at NYCC 2016
The cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead will be in attendance at NYCC 2016

The cast of AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead will hit the stage at Madison Square Gardens this year to give exclusive previews of Season 7, which is due to premiere in the US and UK later this month. It just goes to show the events increasing popularity when Madison Square Gardens becomes the only suitable venue to host the sold out Q&A panel.

As with any major fan event, Marvel and DC will both be representing in a bid to outdo one another in their epic, but slightly one sided battle for box office supremacy.

Stay tuned to The Hollywood Fly for all the latest news regarding Power Rangers, John Wick 2 and The Walking Dead panels.



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