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Did Ben Affleck Just Tease Deathstroke Test Footage?

Stop the press! Did Ben Affleck just release unexpected test footage for his solo Batman movie featuring… Wait for it… DEATHSTROKE!

A mysterious Twitter post from the Oscar-winner shows what appears to be the DC Comics villain Deathstroke with a major suit upgrade that looks insanely awesome to say the least.

As you can imagine, Twitter and Facebook have gone into meltdown over the footage with Affleck offering no description on what it exactly is or why it’s been posted.

Ben Affleck is due to write, direct and star in the solo Batman movie that will continue Warner Bros Pictures cinematic universe and hopefully help the studio regain some footing at the box office after its previous releases Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad bombed with fans and critics.

However with Affleck emerging as a one of the studios saving graces thanks to his authentic performance as the Dark Knight, Warner Bros is happy to give him whatever he needs, including a sizeable budget.

So is Deathstroke in the Batman movie? And who’s playing him? We’ll just have to wait and see when Ben Affleck says when he finishes messing with us and explains himself.



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