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Gambit Spinoff Loses Director Doug Liman To DC

We can’t help but wonder if 20th Century Fox will ever release it’s somewhat cursed Gambit spinoff as the latest in a series of setbacks saw director Doug Liman step down from the project to direct Warner Bros Pictures’ Justice League Dark adaptation instead.

Since the project was announced a couple of years ago, it’s been delayed again and again by numerous issues ranging from directors stepping down to frequent script rewrites.

Gambit is due to star Channing Tatum in the leading role as mutant extraordinaire Remy LeBeau and will be a direct spin off from Bryan Singer’s successful X-Men franchise – though with all the production issues, even Tatum has been rumoured to jump ship to Warner Bros for it’s upcoming Shazam adaptation.

According to sources close to the production, Doug Liman left the film by mutual consent with the studio, who will now be looking to fill the vacant directors chair as quickly as possible to ensure they don’t risk losing their leading man as well.

Liman, who’s spearheaded the likes of Edge of Tomorrow and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, will now get to work on adapting what’s perhaps considered Warner Bros Pictures most risky franchise to-date, Justice League Dark.

A film adaptation of DC Comics' relatively unknown Justice League Dark is currently in pre-production over at Warner Bros Studios
A film adaptation of DC Comics’ relatively unknown Justice League Dark is currently in pre-production over at Warner Bros Studios

For those of you who are unsure what this is, let me start by telling you it’s no relation to the upcoming Justice League films – the story is actually similar in nature to that of Suicide Squad, as sees popular DC Comics characters including John Constantine, Deadman and Swamp Thing team up to handle situations deemed too supernatural for the Justice League.

Perhaps Doug Liman could tempt Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise into joining his first superhero franchise, given their successful working relationship in the past – only time will tell I guess.



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