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Jared Leto Circling Interview With A Vampire Remake

Why you’d ever want to remake a classic like Interview With A Vampire is beyond me – but I suppose if it has to be done, bringing someone like Jared Leto on-board would ease some worries at least.

That’s right, the Oscar-winning actor and rock star is currently circling Josh Boone‘s The Vampire Chronicles, an adaptation of the famous Anne Rice novels and potential remake of the 1994 cult-classic Interview With A Vampire.

Fresh from the press tours of his latest movie Suicide Squad, news regarding Leto’s involvement originally broke when Boone, who’s writing and directing the remake, Tweeted a picture of Jared Leto with the caption ‘Lestat – there can only be one’.

It’s not yet known whether Jared Leto has signed on for the film, as no official word has been released, but with rumours intensifying recently, the Dallas Buyers Club star would be almost perfect for the role that was originally made famous by Tom Cruise.

For now all fans can do is speculate, but Josh Boone has indicated that The Vampire Chronicles will focus on Lestat’s story, rather than Louis’s, who was the focus point Neil Jordan’s adaptation starring Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and a very scary Kirsten Dunst.

The Vampire Chronicles could hit cinemas sometime in 2018.



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