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The Flash Movie Is Heading For London

When it comes to superhero flicks, London has proven to be a golden hub for Hollywood giants like Warner Bros Pictures and Marvel Studios – with blockbusters such as Batman v Superman, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Thor: The Dark World all opting to film in and around the UK capitol.

Now it appears London is set to host production of the highly anticipated DC Comics movie adaptation of The Flash, starring Ezra Miller, who’s already drummed up a substantial fan base after the release of the Justice League trailer at this year’s Comic Con.

The vast majority of production will be based at Warner Bros Pictures multi-million dollar studio facility in Leavesden, which most will recognize as the home of Harry Potter and it’s incredibly popular studio tour.

Details surrounding the plot have yet to be confirmed for The Flash film, but with Ezra Miller already set to appear alongside Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in next year’s Justice League blockbuster, it’s likely the story will focus less on the characters origins and more on the continuation of events created in the Justice League. This of course is just speculation on our part, but with a success origins TV series of The Flash already established, there’s less need for Warner Bros to start right from the beginning.

Ezra Miller (far right) stole the show during the Justice League Comic Con panel back in July
Ezra Miller (far right) stole the show during the Justice League Comic Con panel back in July

The Flash speeds into cinemas worldwide from 16 March 2018 and check out Ezra Miller in the exclusive Justice League trailer here »



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