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Matt Damon Would Play Jason Bourne Again

At one point a couple of years ago it seemed Matt Damon would never play the super-spy Jason Bourne again, but after critical praise of his latest installment in the franchise, it seems the Oscar-winner could love to play the character a fifth time.

Jason Bourne, the latest in the successful series, is performing strong during its opening weekend with an estimated $110 million opening weekend on the cards and critical praise rolling in strongly.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly ahead of the films US release, Damon clarified his stance to returning for another installment;

“Yeah. It’s definitely open. If there’s a story to tell, and we think people want to hear it, then who knows? … I’m tied to Paul, whatever he wants to do. We’re friends, so it would always come up in conversation. We didn’t want to dive into one unless we could make a movie that fit in that family and felt worthy.”Matt Damon

Jason Bourne sees Damon return to US soil to finally uncover the secrets of his past and get packback against the Government organisation that made him and are now once again hunting him.

Paul Greengrass, who also returns after a short hiatus, has taken full creative control over the franchise this time round after a very public falling out with previous series writer Tony Gilroy back in 2011. Greengrass and Damon made their views on the direction of the series well known after the release of The Bourne Ultimatum, when they disagreed with Gilroy’s creative intentions for the story.

With a sequel to Jeremy Renner‘s spin-off The Bourne Legacy announced, and Matt Damon prepared to once again team up Paul Greengrass for another continuation of their story, it’s looks like the Bourne franchise is here to stay.



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