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Comic-Con 2016 – Snowden Q&A

The first day of Comic Con International (Thursday) is usually less chaotic than the weekend, mainly perhaps because the vast majority of people are still stuck at work – never the less, the Snowden Q&A did not disappoint.

Hollywood stars Joseph Gorden-Lovett and Zachary Quinto, who was also out in force on Wednesday for the world premiere of Star Trek Beyond, took to the stage in Hall H for the first Q&A of the event alongside the movies Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone.

For the most part, these Q&A’s tend to me lighthearted in nature, but not yesterday’s – almost right from the outset the panel became more of a political debate rather than a Q&A regarding movie-making and movie-stars.

It’s worth pointing out that Snowden is based on the story of Edward Snowden, the infamous CIA operative turned voice of the people after leaking very sensitive and highly classified NSA information surrounding global surveillance programs – so it’s makes sense that topics of conversation would lean more towards a political nature.

Things probably got a little too off topic when a unsuspecting fan asked for their opinions of the global phenomenon that it Pokemon Go – before anyone present in Comic-Con’s famous Hall H had a chance to check for any lingering Pokemon, Oliver Stone, known for being an outspoken political activist, ceased his opportunity to have a little dig at the US Government and the so-called ‘Big Brother’ era we’re living in.

Perhaps not your typical Comic Con Q&A, but then again Snowden isn’t your quintessential Comic Con film – regardless, the stars of the biopic didn’t leave eager fans and press disappointed after showcasing an official teaser trailer for the upcoming release. Check it out below:

Snowden hits cinemas from September 16.



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