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Comic-Con 2016 – Marvel’s Luke Cage Exclusive Preview

There’s a new player in town… and by town I mean Comic Con International. Over the year’s we’ve been so used to big Hollywood studios like Warner Bros., Universal and Marvel all ruling the famous San Diego event – but this year there’s a new heavyweight.

Netflix has seen it’s standing in the TV and Film world increase exponentially over the last couple of year’s, in turn allowing the flourishing studio to produce it’s very own projects in house. And as it’s partnership with Marvel Television goes from strength to strength, so do the projects it produces.

With the likes of Daredevil and Jessica Jones flourishing with audiences around the world, Netflix took to the stage in Ballroom 20 to showcase it’s latest TV series offering, Luke Cage.

TV veteran Mike Coulter, who took to the stage yesterday to present exclusive content of Luke Cage for those in attendance, is no stranger to the part, having already starred as the superhero in Netflix‘s other series, Jessica Jones. Now with his own spin-off series, we’ll finally get to delve into the turbulent life of the ex-criminal turned superhero and what made him the way he is. Watch the teaser trailer below:

Much like Marvel‘s big screen Cinematic Universe, Netflix is looking to create the same on the small screen with a host of interlinked TV shows, that will see Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, among others, team up for a whole new series The Defenders.

Little is known about the plot but it will involve an epic battle for New York City against a mystical and unrelenting threat that has already been teased in the second season of Daredevil. You can check out the exclusive feature below:



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