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Steven Spielberg Producing New Alien Invasion Blockbuster

When it comes to the sci-fi genre, there’s no-one better in Hollywood than legendary director Steven Spielberg – I mean with an expansive resume that includes E.T., War of the Worlds and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, who can argue that he’s a master of the genre.

So it’s pleasing to learn that after the recent box office flop of The BFG, the three-time Oscar winner is heading back to the ‘alien’ genre that’s brought him so much critical and commercial success.

Amblin Entertainment, the production company owned and founded by Spielberg, is currently developing a new alien invasion thriller entitled The Fall, which will be centered around a divorced couple who must rescue their stranded children when the city of Atlanta falls under-siege from alien invaders.

There’s currently no plans for Spielberg to direct the blockbuster himself, especially considering the premise of The Fall sounds remarkably like that of his 2005 box office hit War of the Worlds, that saw Tom Cruise battle through an alien invasion to return his kids back to their mother.

Casting news is still unknown as of yet, with the project still in the early phases of pre-production, it’s likely Amblin and Spielberg will be looking for well-known A-listers to lead the film through what’s proving to be a turbulent global box office.



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