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Channing Tatum Orbiting Warner Bros ‘Shazam’ Movie

There’s been a lot of noise recently surrounding Channing Tatum and his possible involvement in an upcoming DC Comics adaptation that’s caused people to speculate as to whether the Hollywood heart-throb would still star in Marvel’s X-Men spin off, Gambit.

Well it appears the project in question could in fact be Warner Bros. film adaptation of the popular DC Comic, Shazam, which is currently in the early stages of development with Dwayne Johnson already signed on for the role of Black Adam.

Though this is all pure speculation at the moment as neither Warner Bros. or Tatum have confirmed any of the rumours, many industry insiders see Tatum as the perfect choice for the lead role of Billy Batson, or as he’s also known, Shazam.

For those of you who are new to the character in question, Shazam follows the exploits of Billy Batson, a young man who can transform, simply by muttering a single word, into a character similar to that of Superman. Once known as Captain Marvel, yes the same one that will soon be brought to the big screen by DC rival Marvel, Shazam has been a popular feature in the DC Comics universe since his inception in the 1930’s.

With Warner Bros. Entertainment having recently launched it’s highly anticipated DC Cinematic Universe, starting with this year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it’s not yet known whether Shazam, planned for release in 2019, has any affiliation with the franchise.

For those of you Marvel fans who are hoping to see Tatum join the Marvel world as Gambit, the actor is still committed to the project, that has hit some snags due only to the script, and Marvel’s desire to have it perfect before entering production.

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