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Transformers 5 Announces It’s Villain

The latest up and coming installment of the hit Transformers franchise has been picking up steam as of late, with a whole host casting announcements circulating social media – now earlier today Michael Bay has announced the projects main villain in yet another mysterious Twitter post.

Tweeting another cryptic 20 second video, Bay clearly announced that the franchises newest villain was perhaps not so new after all, and would in fact see the return of the biggest baddie of all;

Having undergone somewhat of a transformation since his last appearance in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Megatron is set to make his eagerly awaited return to the franchise that will see him once again reap revenge of the Earth-protecting Autobots. 

The latest casting announcement comes days after original leading man Shia LeBeouf was rumoured to be in talks with director Michael Bay on a possible return alongside new lead Mark Wahlberg. It would certainly make for a great story, especially with previous alumni Josh Duhamel confirmed, and Megan Fox and Tyrese Gibson supposedly wanting back into the franchise.

Many sources in Hollywood have speculated that this could be Michael Bay’s finale to the record-breaking box office franchise, with the director looking to focus on other new projects in the near future.

Transformers: The Last Knight is due to start production next month with a 2017 release date.



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