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Daniel Craig Turns Down Record-breaking James Bond Offer

We at The Hollywood Fly have been reporting recently on the continuing saga surrounding the James Bond franchise – as Daniel Craig retires from the role, a whole host of Britain’s finest actors have been linked with the famous role, with Tom Hiddleston currently the likely choice.

Now reports are surfacing regarding the potential deal offered to Craig, and subsequently declined, in order to entice the actor back into the franchise – a £68 million ($100 million) deal (for 2 more films) to be more precise.

It’s a truly colossal amount, and one that shows the studio’s eagerness to keep Craig on as the suave secret agent, who’s proven time and time again, his ability to help the franchise break UK and global box office records – sadly for many fans though, Craig has rejected the offer on the basis that he’s no interest in returning as James Bond.

Since joining the role over 10 years ago, Craig has appeared in four outings as 007, helping guide the films, including Skyfall and Spectre to more than $3 billion dollars worldwide, and making the actor one of the most profitable actors in the world, second only to Robert Downey Jr.

However, the record breaking amount, similar to that offered to Christian Bale for the recent Batman v Superman blockbuster, was not enough to change Craig’s mind, who made his views on a return very clear in an interview last year;

I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists… If I did another Bond movie, it would only be for the money.Daniel Craig

With their leading man MIA, studio execs have met with director Sam Mendes to find their new leading man, with reports suggesting that Avengers and Crimson Peak star Tom Hiddleston is in advanced talks to take over the coveted role.

Stay tuned to find out who’s chosen as our new 007, James Bond.



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