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The Hollywood Fly’s Top 10 Superhero Movies In History

Not sure if anyone’s noticed but it appears superheroes have taken over the box office of late – every week there seems to be a new blockbuster hitting cinema screens… not that we’re complaining.

So far in 2016, and let me remind you we’re only 4 months in, we’ve seen Batman go head to head with Superman, Captain America turn his back on Iron Man, and Deadpool pretty much cement himself as the coolest dude on the planet (not to mention the most foul-mouthed).

So in a world where superhero movies are in abundance, exactly what are the best of the best?

Well to answer that, our Hollywood Fly has taken some time away from his studio walls to put together the ultimate top 10 best superhero movies ever made. So check out the list below and let us know your thoughts.

Kick-Ass (2010)


To kick of this top 10 list lets start with perhaps an often overlooked contender in the world of superheroes, Kick-Ass.

Released in 2010, Kick-Ass was a breath of fresh air in the fact that it was completely unexpected, yet so good many went to see it twice during it’s release.

Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kick-Ass followed the less than successful exploits of a high school nerd who decides to dress up as a superhero and fight crime. Of course, being a semi-realistic film, he frequently has his ‘ass’ handed to him, but did eventually become the real life hero he set out to be.

Fun Fact: The film spawned a wave to actual crime fighters on the streets of major US cities – though being real life, most ended up getting the living daylights kick out of them. A* for trying though!

The Incredibles (2004)


Ah yes, Pixar’s red-suited family of superhero crime fighters.

This is perhaps another example of an overlooked superhero classic, probably due to it being animated and not live action, but The Incredibles has remained a standout hero flick for all ages.

Based in a world where superheroes are all too common, Mr Incredible is finding his days as a hero numbered due to poor health (basically he got fat) and his increasing age. But when a new, younger supervillain emerges, Mr Incredible must accept the help of his wife and three kids in order to defeat this new foe.

A definite classic that is yet to spawn a much overdue sequel.

Fun Fact: The Incredibles has become one of the most popular fancy costumes for families in the US. No surprise there really.

Batman (1989)


You can’t have a top 10 superhero list and not include Tim Burton’s timeless classic, Batman.

Starring Michael Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson as the Joker, Batman is one of the most successful superhero films in terms of box office success (taking inflation into account) and is often referred to as a bench mark for dark hero movies.

It may be seen as trippy, on account of the fact that it was spawned from the rather bizarre mind of Tim Burton, but it still to this day remains a classic with a huge cult following.

Fun Fact: Robin Williams was offered the role of the Joker when Jack Nicholson originally turned it down. Later it was revealed that Williams was used as bait by the studio in order to entice Nicholson to accept.

Blade (1998)


This little superhero gem was Marvel’s introduction to the big time back in 1998 – the studio’s first major big screen adaptation and one that would eventually see it become one of the biggest studios in Hollywood.

Based on the story of the half human, half vampire anti-hero, Blade starred Wesley Snipes in the title role, becoming an instant hit at the box office and spawning a trilogy.

Blade was certainly a major step away from the traditional family-friendly superhero films, instead generating an 18 certificate in the UK for it’s gore and horror that perhaps shocked a few people.

Nonetheless an absolute beast of a film and one that rightly deserves its place in this list.

Fun Fact: Wesley Snipes, a talented martial arts expert, did the majority of his stunts and fight scenes.

Captain America: Civil War (2016)


A surprise addition? Perhaps so, but a worthy one to say the least.

It may have only been released days ago but Captain America: Civil War is a testimant to the superhero genre, giving audiences all of the key components we’d expect from a blockbuster like this.

Seen as the peak of Marvel’s ‘Phase 3’ project, Civil War sees Captain America go up against friend and fellow Avenger Iron Man when a new law is passed to monitor and control the Avengers team.

It’s already run riot at the box office and will definitely go down in history as one of the best superhero flicks ever made.

Fun Fact: Captain America: Civil War is the fifth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to make over a billion dollars at the box office.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)


When this beauty hit cinema screens back in 2014, most audiences that flocked to see it probably knew very little about the franchise – due mostly in part to it’s small circulation as a comic book, compared to the likes of Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America.

That didn’t however stop the blockbuster going on to gross more than $800 million worldwide, and make it’s star, Chris Pratt, an overnight superstar and now the most demand actor in Hollywood.

Though the franchises heroes are perhaps not major players in the Avengers gang, they will play a significant part in Marvel’s MCU and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War due to their ability to control those pesky ‘Infinity Stones’.

With two more Guardians’ films on their way, and with the first one listed in IMDb’s top 200 films of all time, it certainly warrants it’s place.

Fun Fact: Chris Pratt was offered the part of Starlord on the condition that he lost some weight. Well Pratt went one better and got himself shredded beyond belief.

Deadpool (2016)


Oh Deadpool! Perhaps the coolest superhero on the planet!

Ryan Reynolds has truly given us something fresh and unique with his Deadpool character that lite up the global box office this year, becoming the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time and turning everyone into Deadpool fanatics.

What made this superhero flick a breath of fresh air is the fact that it put it’s middle finger up to all the standard movie cliché and pretty much did it’s own thing.

Well deserved and a must see if you’re crazy enough to have not seen it yet. GO SEE IT!

Fun Fact: It took Ryan Reynolds almost 11 years to get this project made, having been frequently turned down by Marvel who didn’t see it as a profitable investment (LOL!)

Iron Man (2008)


Seen by many elite fans as the Godfather! The one that started the revolution.

Iron Man was Marvel’s introduction to the big time and turned Robert Downey Jr into Superhero royalty, defining the character of Tony Stark/Iron Man in a way never before seen on the big screen.

It was also the beginning to Marvel‘s four phase plan for an expansive and mind-blowing Marvel Cinematic Universe that would see the comics origins come to life like never before, perhaps why RDJ has become irreplaceable and extremely expensive (commanding salaries in excess of $50 million a film).

It had to make the top 3 at least and could probably have been crowned the king were it not for some truly outstanding entries.

Fun Fact: Robert Downey Jr has become so synonymous with the character that Marvel are worried they may never be able to reboot the franchise with someone else in the role, and have thought about retiring the character.

The Dark Knight (2008)


How can you not name this masterpiece in the Top 10 when it’s regarded as a work of art, one that earn’t the Christopher Nolan film multiple Oscars and over $1.2 billion at the global box office.

Of course there is one outstanding factor that propels this film above so many others – I’m speaking of course of the breathtaking performance from the late Heath Ledger as the Joker. One that will remain seared into the minds of all that have watched it and one that earn’t him the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

This is only one third of an epic trilogy written and directed by Christopher Nolan, and perhaps were it a top 20, we may have found Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises among the list.

Fun Fact: If Heath Ledger wasn’t cool enough, the actor improvised many of his scenes, including the chilling ‘clapping’ scene in the police station. The reaction of Gary Oldman when looking at the Joker is of genuine shock. (what a legend, RIP Heath).

Avengers: Assemble (2012)


Now, I’d like to point out that many will likely argue with this number one choice but due to it’s sheer colossal size, as well as the fact that it earned over $1.7 billion globally, it is without doubt the biggest hero flick in the history of cinema.

Marvel’s pride and joy, Avengers: Assemble, brought together one of the most star-studded casts anyone has ever seen – it was also the first time some of the biggest superheroes were seen on screen together at the same time.

It was definitely a movie event of a generation and one that will be remembered well for years to come, earning the film the number one spot on this list.

Fun Fact: Robert Downey Jr kept hiding food on set that no-body could find, and is seen several times on screen eating his actual food – completely unscripted. Well when you’re RDJ you can pretty much so what you want.


So what did you think of The Hollywood Fly’s Top 10 Superhero Movies In History? Any you’d like to have seen? Or not have seen for that matter? Let us know in the comments below.



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