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Ben Affleck Losing Patience With Batman v Superman Backlash

He’s not had the easiest of starts as the Caped Crusader – despite most fans agreeing that Ben Affleck is the most authentic and exiting Batman to have graced the big-screen in DC‘s cinematic history (yep, bold statement but one I stand by).

Now it seems the Oscar-winning writer and director has had enough of the backlash that seems to be so unnecessarily harsh, you could almost think there’s a conspiracy afoot. 

Yesterday it was annouced that Ben Affleck, who’s recently had his solo Batman movie green-lit, would become an Executive Producer on the Justice League films – in essence giving the actor more financial, and by extension, creative control over the two-part blockbusters than he had with Batman v Superman.

Despite many opinions surrounding Affleck’s acting ability (which I might add was spot on as Bruce Wayne/Batman), it’s almost impossible to question the man’s directional filmmaking ability, which has already won him a host of top accolades.

So what does this mean for the future of the DCUniverse? Well, long story short, DC and Warner Bros. are hoping that Affleck, who is also appearing in the upcoming Suicide Squad, will help put the franchise back on track by allowing him more creative control and ability.

Some fans have already made their disappointment at Batman v Superman very clear by starting an online petition to oust visionary Zack Snyder from directing the Justice League films, after his ‘Dawn of Justice’ film recieved a score of only 28% on veteran review site Rotten Tomatoes. To put that into perspective for you – Ben Affleck‘s Daredevil ‘disaster’, seen by many as the worst Marvel film of all time, recieved an overall score of 44%… though most critics were quick to point out that Ben Affleck’s performance as Batman was the only saving grace for the blockbuster.

Considering the mess that Warner Bros. have got themselves in as of late, having recently parted company with Aquaman writer/director Seth Grahame-Smith over creative differences, it appears the studio is now prepared to step back and allow people like Ben Affleck to do what they do best and get the franchise back on track.

It would certainly make sense considering Affleck has already written the script for his yet untitled Batman film which he is confident will be the most authentic adaptation of the comic books to-date. 

Only time will tell if DC can compete with Marvel at the box office, but with this recent news, all the signs are looking promising.



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