Spotlight – Absolutely Anything (2015)

Every Sunday The Hollywood Fly will put a ‘Spotlight‘ on a gem of both modern and classic cinema* that will make these short, dark and wintery Sunday nights a little more berable. Whether it be for the whole family, a couple snuggled up on the sofa with mugs of hot chocolate, or just yourself trying to forget the coming Monday – sit down, relax and put a ‘Spring Spotlight‘ movie on.

Absolutely Anything – Trailer

Back and better than ever, The Hollywood Fly brings you the next film in our Sunday ‘Spotlight’ series – and this week its a British comedy written and directed by ‘Monty Python’ icon Terry Jones, and starring Simon Pegg.

Plot: Neil Clarke is your run of the mill bloke. Single, lives with his dog, and finds himself hopelessly bumbling through his job as a secondary school teacher. So when an odd group of ‘superior’ aliens target Earth for distruction, Clarke (Pegg) finds himself unknowingly bestowed with the power to do anything he can imagine. But little does he know that he’s being tested, and if he fails to use his new powers for good, Earth will be obliterated.

Absolutely Anything brings a slightly odd, but equally unique approach to the sci-fi comedy genre that has all the traits of a classic Monty Python story. And will remain the last film in the breathtaking career of the last Oscar-winning actor, Robin Williams.

Cast: Simon Pegg, Kate Beckinsale, Rob Riggle, Eddie Izzard, Robin Williams.

Available now on Netflix UK

Suitable for: Teenagers and Adults (BBFC Rating: 15+)

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