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Major Studios Pull Blockbusters From Comic Con Event Over Piracy Fears

Twentieth Century Fox has confirmed that it’s pulled out of the major showcase event at this year’s Comic-Con over fears that exclusive footage from some of its biggest upcoming releases will fall victim to piracy. 

It’s comes as a major blow for movie fans who were expecting to see the studio release exclusive unseen footage and content for blockbusters including Assassin’s Creed, Wolverine 3, and the latest installment in The Maze Runner franchise – but it now appears that the studio will release snippets online through social media.

Comic-Con International has prided itself on being the number one event of the year for exclusive movie news straight from the studios themselves, including never-before-seen footage, but now it appears the San Diego event could be hitting a wall in it’s battle to stop piracy. 

Last year Comic Con hit the headlines when pirated footage of DC’s Batman v Superman trailer leaked online, says ahead of the offical release. Despite the event operating a closed-door, no-recording policy, someone still managed to record the trailer and leak it online, much to the disgust of director Zack Snyder. Sadly that wasn’t the only film to fall victim to illegal leaks as Ryan Reynolds box office smash Deadpool also saw it’s exclusive Comic-Con trailer leaked mere hours after showcasing at the packed out event.

Now with fears that event organisers cannot control the threat of piracy during main hall showcases, it seems studios are preparing to cancel their appearances in order to protect content – something that Disney is also prepared to do.

Though Disney has denied claims that it will boycott this year’s event, many are asking just how many studios will follow in Fox’s footsteps, something that Comic-Con’s Director of Marketing, David Glanzer is all too worried about:

“Clearly we are disappointed. This leak not only violates the trust of Comic-Con and the studios, but each of the attendees who respect the bond we have long held.”

There will certainly be a very different feel about this year’s event, when it kicks off on July 21 in San Diego, California – but ones things certain, Comic-Con will need to invest heavily in piracy deterants if it’s to maintain it’s standing as the biggest movie event in the world.



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