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‘Star Wars’ Poster Released As Tickets Go On Sale

It’s officially started – tickets for the most anticipated cinematic release in recent memory have gone of sale around the world and it’s already shaping up to be colossal.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens official poster

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set for release this December and new visionary J.J. Abrams has marked the first day of ticket release in the US and UK by releasing the official movie poster. Early indications show that IMAX cinemas in the UK have been inundated with eager fans (myself included) trying to book showings for the Christmas release, with large cinema chains including Odeon experiencing several outages on it’s website due to overwhelming traffic.

Despite Disney anticipating the popularity of it’s IMAX release, and releasing the tickets a month earlier than originally planned, it appears no-one could have anticipated the response that cinemas are currently experiencing, with waiting times likely to last all day as people snap up whatever seats are available in the days leading up to Christmas.

It’s also been confirmed that a brand-new feature length trailer will premiere tonight during Monday Night Football in the US, with many fans wondering if we’ll finally catch a glimpse of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker. The leading hero of George Lucas’s original trilogy has proved illusive up until now, despite his co-stars Harrison Ford and Carrie Fischer making an appearance in the exclusive Comic Con trailer that debuted as this years San Diego event.

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Speculation has mounted as to whether the iconic character will be part of the ‘dark side’ in the forthcoming trilogy, though nothing has been confirmed or denied – for the most part many of the characters remain a mystery, with British star John Boyega character first appearing as a Storm Trooper and then as a Jedi, leaving most of us confused as to his origins within the story.

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Stay tuned for the next exclusive Star Wars trailer and don’t forget to book your tickets as it’s sure to be an event to remember and one that will almost certainly break box-office records.




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