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Hugh Jackman Watches ‘Pan’ Sink At Box Office

When you star in successful big-money blockbusters like X-Men and Real Steel, you tend to adopt a sort of sixth sense when closing your next projects – sadly though it appears Hugh Jackman has missed the mark in his latest on-screen adventure by some way.

Pan, the new adaptation of the classic children’s tale Peter Pan, has flopped spectacularly at the box office in its opening weekend – earning just $15.5 million domestically in the US. Considering the movies budget cost somewhere in the region of $150 million, it currently stands on track to become to biggest flop of the year so far.

To put Pan’s underwhelming performance in comparison, Ridley Scott’s epic sci-fi drama, The Martian, retained it top spot at the box office, taking in over $32 million, taking its tally so far to over $110 million domestically (US).

The news will certainly come as a shock to Jackman, who along with co-stars Rooney Mara and Garrett Hedlund, has stood firmly behind the film adaption, though it’s made little impact on critics, who’ve generally slated the film for falling flat in its story, which follows young Peter as he journey’s to Neverland to confront his destiny.

Pan is in cinemas everywhere now. Check out the trailer below.



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